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Hearst Ranch Beef In Washington DC

Heritage Foods USA – News from Washington D.C.

This week Heritage Foods USA will be providing the following items to the inaugural dinners in Washington D.C. We are proud to announce that these items are for sale through the Heritage Foods USA mail order and wholesale division.

Ancient White Park ground beef from Leaping Waters Farm in Shawsville,
Virginia and Six [...]

Monday, January 19, 2009|News|

Hearst Ranch – Linn’s Restaurant Partnership

Linn’s and Hearst Ranch partner up
In keeping with its commitment to local products, Cambria restaurant will only serve the range-grazed, grass-fed beef
From The San Luis Obispo Tribune
Two noted North Coast brand names have strengthened ties to each other. Linn’s restaurant in Cambria has announced that the only beef it will serve will be from the Hearst [...]

Tuesday, January 6, 2009|News|