Featured Photographers

We were fortunate to work with three photographers for Hearst Ranch: Family, Land, and Legacy, and their work is featured on this website as well. Richard Field Levine, Alexander Vertikoff, and Steve E. Miller are all outstanding professional photographers with their own very unique point-of-view and perspective. If you like the images featured on this site, please click on their names below to visit their webpages.

Richard Field Levine

Photographer Richard Field Levine

Born and raised in sunny southern California, Richard, as a young boy, looked forward to the family excursions up the coast to the Big Sur area. These childhood trips via the El Camino Real sparked his interest in California’s ranch history: the open ranch land with rolling hills, cattle, horses, and the occasional glimpse of a real “cowboy.” Yes, the road north was sprinkled with ranches like The Santa Margarita, Hollister Ranch, Hearst Ranch, Old Castro Ranch, and El Sur to name a few. Then at age seven Richard tried out his first camera. Many years and thousands of pictures later, he is a professional photographer and Richard finds himself photographing some of those very same ranches he viewed from his parents’ car window.
He feels especially honored to be an official photographer for the historical Hearst Ranch in San Simeon, California, chronicling their ranch operations consistently the past few years. In 1995 he was made official photographer for the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA). His photos are consistently requested for use by news media and national publications. With cameras in hand, Richard captures history in the making. In the dust of the corrals and rodeo arenas capturing close-up action shots, covering special events with portraits, or documenting behind the scenes production, he approaches assignments with enthusiasm, always eager to please clients. Richard and his wife Sandra often work as a team on location shoots. His photographs have served as reference for paintings by cowboy artists. Richard’s photos have appeared on countless programs and magazines, and have been published in the book “True Horsemanship Through Feel” by the late Bill Dorrance. You can see more of his personal work at richardfieldlevine.com.

Alex Vertikoff

Photographer Alexander Vertikoff

Alexander Vertikoff is one of the leading photographers in the United States.  For over thirty years his award winning images have been on hundreds of covers and articles in magazines such as Architectural Digest, and the New York Times, as well as on the cover of every issue of American Bungalow magazine.  He has been the principal architectural and promotional photographer for the J. Paul Getty Trust’s Villa and Center, the Gamble House, and the Skirball Cultural Center.  His work has been featured in Hearst Ranch: Family, Land, and Legacy (Abrams 2013), The Wright Style (1992), Of Houses & Time (1992), Mexican Country Style (1997), A Child’s Garden (1998), The Arts & Crafts Guidebook (Archetype Press 1998) and numerous calendars, posters and postcards.  Vertikoff was the first foreign artist to have a traveling exhibit of his photographs in The People’s Republic of China.  He holds a Master of Fine Arts Degree from California Institute of the Arts. You can see more of his personal work on his website at vertikoff.com.

Steve E. Miller

Photographer Steve E. Miller

Since the mid 1990’s, Steve E. Miller has been exploring and photographing the Central Coast of California’s landscapes. While working at Hearst Castle as a tour guide from 1991 to 2007, he always had the desire to explore the ranch surrounding the Castle, so this book opportunity was a photographic blessing in the most dramatic sense. For the past 6 years Steve has worked as a photojournalist for two local weekly newspapers and has won numerous awards for both documentary and artistic work created for the papers. You can see more of his personal work on his website at semillerimages.com.