A loyal HearstRanch.com customer send us a link to a very interesting piece from NPR, by way of Robin Shreeve’s Blog at Mother Nature News.

Here is a link to the original NPR report.

You can find the video piece below, but first a few observations. Watching the piece, I see that Allison Aubrey, the reporter, appears to cook the two kinds of beef for the same length of time. as we tell our customers, grass-fed beef cooks about 30% faster than grain-fed beef. Given that fact, the results of the tasting may be skewed by the fact that the grass-fed beef may have been overcooked.

Our Verdict:

As Steve Hearst often says, we love all kinds of beef. The flavor of grain-fed beef is different than grass-fed beef, just like different varieties of wine have different flavor characteristics. Some people prefer the flavor of a nice USDA Prime grain-fed steak over a less-marbled grass-fed one. There is a special place in our heart for both.

With no further ado, here is the NPR report: