Hearst Ranch Beef is the authentic flavor of the American West; distinctive, robust, and sublime. Who better to explain our product than our customers?

Yum, Yum and Yum

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    ACityGirl, San Francisco, CA
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Grass-fed beef is not only delicious, it’s actually healthier, and for those who are interested, the natural way of eating beef. No hormones, antibiotics or harsh treatment of animals involved. (Hearst beef is certified humane treatment of the animals). But all that aside—it’s tender and delicious (and not all grass-fed beef I’ve had is). You do have to cook it less as there is less fat—you don’t want to eat it well done. I can’t say enough about this product—I order it often. Love the filets and sirloin steaks. It’s also the only ground beef & hamburger I’ll eat.

Grass Fed From Now On

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    TomMcG, San Francisco
    Would You Recommend? Yes*In the past I have saved my beef eating for very special occasions as there is always so much negative said and more importantly the way I felt after having that coveted filet or steak. WIth the Hearst Grass Fed I felt like I was eating healthier but more importantly there was no sacrifice of taste or indulgence. This is beef the way it is intended to be. Give it a try. I doubt you will be dissappointed.

Want a good Steak?

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    boatman, Princeton,NJ.08540
    Would You Recommend? Yes*My daughter bought me Filets and me and my Wife cooked them on an electric stove in a grilling Pan. These steaks were the most tender Beef I ever had.To you that say they taste like liver,than you never had a good that is Prime Beef Filet that has been aged?. and I find these steaks just as tasty and tender as any of the better Steah Houses. Some of you people don’t like eating a Steak unless it’s burned Well Done? Then they say its tough.Just put them on a grill for 3 1/2 minutes on each side with a bit of Paprika on each side, Kosher Salt a small spinkle with grouind pepper and small brush of Steak Sauce across each side and put in grilling pan. thats how a steak should be eaten. Pink to red inside.

High End Steak House at Home

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    Would You Recommend? Yes*These steaks are as good as any high end steak house at half the price. Worth every penny!

Great tasting beef, and healthy too!

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    martyc, san francisco, ca
    Would You Recommend? Yes*p. The filet cut is the perfect size with incredible taste and tenderness. And the sustainable, grass fed practices make it heathly too. I highly recommend it.

    h2. Great Gift…

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    RONandANNE, Walnut Creek, CA
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We gave this as a gift to someone that we knew would probably enjoy it; and, yet who would probably never purchase for their own pleasure.
They followed the enclosed cooking instructions and thoroughly enjoyed their meal. Perfect !
Thanks for offering this gift package.


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    MindyE, Turlock, CA
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These are delicious steaks sure to stand out in any meal. It practically melted in our mouths. Wonderful cuts!