A recent story about one of our customers, Let’s Be Frank, has garnered a tremendous amount of attention due to an article by the Associated Press’ Jacob Adelman regarding the move toward more sustainable meats by fast food purveyors. This article has run in countless publications now. Here are two Hearst Ranch Beef quotes:

“They’re a big part of our business,” said Brian Kenny, a manager at Hearst Ranch in San Simeon, Calif., where Let’s Be Frank buys beef. “We’ve been growing with them.”

“A recent study funded by the Pew Charitable Trusts found that intensive industrial livestock production has yielded antibiotic-resistant bacteria, degraded the environment and devastated rural communities by replacing farm and ranch jobs with poorly paying feedlot positions. By contrast, operations such as Hearst Ranch raise their animals without growth-promoting hormones or antibiotics, and don’t confine their livestock to teeming feed lots.” Jacob Adelman – Associated Press Writer

A link to the complete article can be found here: