By Wes Pippert

Since the San Francisco Examiner was published 125 years ago – March 4, 1887 – for the first time bearing on the masthead “W.R. Hearst Proprietor” – Hearst Corporation has been an organization constantly changing, growing, innovating. What started as a single newspaper has exploded into a global communications company that reaches more than 100 countries in more than 35 languages. So it’s time to wish all 20,000 employees of Hearst Corporation, “Happy 125th anniversary. Happy quasquicentennial!” (I had to look that up on Google.)

From its spiritual and corporate origins in San Francisco, Hearst Corporation has grown to become one of the nation’s largest diversified media and information organizations. It now includes:

— Newspapers from coast to coast that also operate local digital marketing services businesses and directories and have more than 4,700 employees across the nation.

— Hundreds of magazines.

— Television stations that reach 18 percent of all U.S. viewers.

— Ownership holdings in leading cable networks, including Lifetime, A&E, History and ESPN, and the automotive, electronic, medical/pharmaceutical and financial information industries.

— Internet and marketing services businesses.

— Television production.

— Newspaper features distribution.

–Real Estate.

All of that in 125 years!

In a letter to Hearst employees on Feb. 27, Hearst CEO Frank A. Bennack Jr. wrote: “At the 125-year mark, we can say that not only does Hearst have a history of connecting people with content that moves the world, we have a clear road ahead to keep a glorious journey going.

“The idea of content is especially vital to Hearst’s future success. Our company is defined not by size but by depth. And our depth lies in our content. Content that moves people, whether they live in San Antonio or San Salvador, the Bay Area or Beijing, Dublin or Dubai. They take action: They support global causes, they raise cultural awareness, they shop, they speak up, they speak out. They are moved.

“Nothing is more important than Hearst’s connection to its 20,000 employees. Everything starts with – and depends on – you. William Randolph Hearst believed that success demands that you hire the very best people. I couldn’t agree more.”

In his annual year-end remarks, Bennack said the company’s key value was “a core belief that innovation, expansion and diversification are the strategies for success.”

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