A recent review of Artisan in Paso Robles at foodforthoughtmiami.com featured a nice mention of Hearst Ranch Beef:

The whole post can be found here.

Here is the Hearst mention:

“A steak from the specials list was also very good: a richly flavored grass-fed Hearst Ranch filet mignon (yes, that Hearst – the 80,000 acre ranch surrounds Hearst Castle), which came with roasted potatoes and shishito peppers and a drizzle of the same salsa verde which accompanied the pork belly.”

Chris and Michael Kobiyashi do a great Job at Artisan and they are great friends to Hearst Ranch Beef. They get a nice plug in the piece as well:

“The folks behind Artisan are brothers Chris (chef/owner) and Michael (general manager/owner) Kobayashi, who seem awfully young to have produced a restaurant that exudes such confidence and comfort in its own skin. There’s nothing precious about the food here, but it’s nonetheless clear that a good bit of thought and effort has gone into its preparation. It hits that great sweet spot of being refined and homey at the same time.”