Hearst Ranch: Family, Land and Legacy offers readers an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the stunningly beautiful 83,000-acre cattle ranch surrounding William Randolph Hearst’s legendary Hearst Castle.

Hearst Ranch: Family, Land and Legacy

Foreword by Stephen T. Hearst, Text by Victoria Kastner
Published by Abrams, November 2013
Call 805-927-4611 to purchase the book directly from the Ranch. Hearst Ranch: Family, Land, and Legacy is the first book to document the history of the historic Hearst Ranch. It was written by Hearst Castle historian Victoria Kastner with a special foreword by Steve Hearst, great-grandson of William Randolph Hearst. Featuring three hundred never-before-seen images, Hearst Ranch: Family, Land, and Legacy explores the Hearst family’s private residences and the beautiful back-country landscape surrounding Hearst Castle. It reveals many of Julia Morgan’s ranch buildings, and delves into private letters and records to tell the stories of Hearst’s Hollywood guests and the colorful cowboys who worked the ranch, in his era and our own. The text is well-researched, engaging, and moving, and the story is a great American tale of the Hearst family’s connection with and dedication to its land.

Hardcover: 240 Pages
Dimensions: 12 x 9.3 x 1.1 inches
Weight: 3.8 pounds

An Excerpt from the Foreword to Hearst Ranch: Family, Land, and Legacy by Stephen T. Hearst

“Hearst Castle, as it is referred to today, encompasses 127 acres and 165 rooms, including the main house (Casa Grande) and three guesthouses. These hilltop buildings were donated to California by the Hearst family and the Hearst Corporation in 1957. That millions of visitors have viewed them since is one reason the Hearst Ranch property is so well known, but it is not the focus of this story. The Ranch has its own rich history, beginning long before the Castle was built, and it is told here for the first time by Victoria Kastner.”
About the Author:
Victoria Kastner is the Official Historian of Hearst Castle. She has written and lectured about San Simeon’s land and buildings for nearly thirty years and is also the author of Hearst’s Castle: The Biography of a Country House and Hearst’s San Simeon: The Gardens and Land. She is deeply versed in the relationship between William Randolph Hearst and his architect, Julia Morgan, as well as the relationship between William Randolph Hearst and his Ranch. She holds master’s degrees from the University of California at Santa Barbara and George Washington University in public history, with an emphasis on architectural history.
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